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 ​An integrated journey to an even better you. 

Awaken Your Inner-Chef!

Store Tours & Understanding Food Labels

Do you dread the thought of walking into the grocery store? Roaming isles and isles of products, with little understanding what choices to make? Need assistance deciphering what food label and ingredients are best?  

Let me help !  

Working together, we'll spend time navigating your favorite shopping spot, identifying how shelves are stocked and how to avoid those cleverly placed items, meant to load your cart with unhealthy options.  While there (or during a home visit) we'll also discuss how food labels are designed, what all that information really means to your health and goals.  

Recipe Modification

We all have that favorite recipe for a dear family member's baked mac-n-cheese, meatloaf or other family favorite dish.  We also know it may not be the healthiest.  I believe we can all indulge from time to time, but what if we can make a tweak or two and give you the deliciousness of the original dish and  loose the guilt of making it more than once a year?

Need help with the basics of cooking?

Constantly eating at restaurants because you have no idea where to begin with low-maintenance meal planning?

Have questions on how to enjoy those family favorites without all the guilt? 

Looking to impress your friends or that special someone with a homemade (by you) dinner?

Want to host a big family or holiday dinner, with delicious home-style and healthy options to family favorites?

Looking for new ideas or bored with your current cycle of home cooked meals?

Confused by food labels and understanding which food option to purchase at the store? 

Schedule an Appointment

Choose an individual, one time session to get your kitchen and creative juices recharged, store visit or sign-up for a 6 month (12 session) package, where we'll explore a multitude of choices and options to making new, year around favorites.  

                                                                                             The options are endless! Contact me to get started!

Looking to help your office ease into a healthier journey?

Group cooking seminars, demonstrations and  lunch-n-learns available!  We understand how difficult it can be to make healthier adjustments to your busy day.  Let us help provide some quick tips that will have your employees and co-workers raving about options and sharing new ideas.

                                                                                                                                            Let's get cooking!

Our Mission in Your Kitchen

At suh-reen, we don't insist you "quit" any food.  If you like cake, have a piece of cake!  After all, life is about living!

However, we also know you can't eat cake everyday and be the best you.  I encourage my clients to start small, incorporating new techniques, herbs and ingredients along the way. Making space for occasional indulgence, without wrecking your health goals.

Let me show you how to bring your kitchen and taste buds alive, while on your journey to a better you 


One-On-One Basics
Whether in your kitchen or mine, we will work together to develop your everyday cooking abilities.  No overwhelming knife skills, no fancy cookware.  Just you, me and your favorite ingredients.

Perfect for everyone! From young adults who have a desire to build a foundation for a lifetime of food creation, to experienced home cooks looking to try new healthy ingredients or spice up their current menu.


A Health & Happiness Company

Make it a Group Event
Invite a few friends and share the experience!